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Oh Elise it doesn't matter what you say,
I just can't stay here every yesterday

Oh Elise it doesn't matter what you do,
I know I'll never really get inside of you
To make your eyes catch fire
The way they should

And every time I try to pick it up,
Like falling sand
As fast as I pick it up,
It runs away through my clutching hands

But there's nothing else I can really do

A Letter to Elise - The Cure

I've decided to get involved in the world of student union at a higher level than my current position. Right now I'm just a General Committee Member/Publications Officer. Next year, I want to be Director.

So far, it's all good. I have no competition. And I nominated people for Deputy Director, Welfare Officer and Publications Officer. Let's hope we all get our posts! I'm very excited about becoming director!

Hopefully, lots of ideas and a want to work hard will serve me well. I'm so enthusiastic that I'm feeling on top of the world. Nothing is going to get me down.

Personally, I think Dave has helped me alot. He boosts my self-esteem, motivates me to work harder and in general, makes me feel loved in a way that I never have been loved before. Here I go again, getting all sappy. And yes, once again, I am smiling to myself as I write this entry. I'm seeing him in 3 hours, Yipeeee! Come to think of it, I see Dave everyday.

It doesn't feel like a routine or anything cause he just makes my day so much better just by being a part of it :D

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Wild Mustang

Last night, Dave and I started watching The Batchelor after dinner. Remember that movie with Renee Z and Chris O'Donnell? I haven't seen it in years! Anyway, I was alternating between cringing at the corny bits and sighing at the romantic bits. Chris' character was happy being a bachelor. He likened himself to being a wild mustang who's always on the search for a patch of "sweet grass". Basically, he wasn't afraid of being committed to someone. He was just scared of the big MARRIAGE deal and the phrase "the future" made Chris resemble a deer caught in blinding headlights.

That comment started me thinking so I turned to Dave and I asked, "Hey Mister, are all guys like that?". Dave replied,"I'm not scared to talk about the future. I never have been". Obviously, I was happy to hear that :P

Anyway, as the movie continues, you see Chris propose to Renee really badly. Trust me, it was horrible. He talks about how they've "reached that stage" and that "she wins". The stage that he's referring to is the "shit or get off the pot" moment. He actually said that to her face. I don't know what I would do if I got proposed to like that. Dave was laughing his head off. I warned him that if he tried that kinda line on me, he'd be in BIG doo doo. Then, he told me his idea of proposing to me. We'd be eating dinner at this seafood restaurant and he's turn to me and ask if I was free for the next 50 years and more. If I said yes, he'd say "Cool" and slip a calamari ring on my finger. I laughed so hard that I practically rolled off the couch. I'm officially dating a clown!

My clown makes me sooooooooooo happy. I love spending time with him! Simple things like going for long drives and yelling Queen lyrics down the highway or cooking in the kitchen while he tries to distract me or watching movies curled up on the couch or walking around Bayside or having him kick my ass at Tekken or snuggling up with him at night just make my day. Even as I write this entry, I'm smiling. He's still fast asleep in bed and he looks so adorable. It's amazing how a man with 10 tattoos and a piercing can look so sweet when he's sleeping :P

Well, that's my excitement for a Saturday night. Saturday afternoon was annoying. I was driving to pick Dave up from work and I stop at this zebra crossing. A bunch of drunk bogans (think aussie version of bengs, mats, lians, minahs, etc) stumble across the road. One skanky bitch suddenly turns back to me and yells, "Just you wait you stupid bitch!" and throws her beer can at me. The damn thing wasn't empty and it caught me on the top part of my cheekbone. It's still stinging. Damn bitch-whore. I'm getting those lock-bar things for my steering wheel. Next time some Frangga bitch pisses me off, I'll wave the darn thing at her!

I've got a Management essay due tomorrow at 5pm. Once that's done, I have to focus on my OSS publication. So many things to do and so little time! I'm running for Director of the Overseas Student Services next year. Cross your fingers my loves!

I'm going to go crawl back into bed and snuggle up with my man. Damn, I love the weekends :)

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